Halal on Campus:
University of Illinois

This is a documentary-style video made to show the process University of Illinois went through to supply halal food at its dining halls. Created by both Shahzmeen Hussain and myself, we filmed, interviewed, and edited together the entire piece to show the possibility of bringing halal food to more universities across the country. Made while working for the Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America (IFANCA).

Talem Splash

Begun in 2007 originally under the handle "wee187", this YouTube channel has grown with me over the years, starting off as a personal page and slowly becoming something that I now handle like a professional hobby. Being a gaming-focused channel, the content I produce ranges from episodic commentary over video games known today as Let's Plays, as well as the more occasional editorial piece on how video games can influence us on psychological and sociological levels.

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